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The Tall Ships Races 2017 Klaipeda: Race Preparations Continue on Penultimate Day in Port

Posted on: 31.07.17

Following on from a hugely successful and spectacular Crew Parade and Prize Giving Ceremony yesterday, Sunday 30 July, attention today turned to the upcoming third race of the Tall Ships Races 2017…

Held in Klaipeda Castle, the Captain’s Briefing provided race instructions from the Tall Ships Races Race Committee, and details of the race conditions to come. All the information provided will be crucial for the Captains as they plan their race tactics. Race 3, from Klaipeda to Szczecin, is due to start at 14:00 UTC, a short distance off of the coast of Klaipeda and will be the final race of 2017’s race series.


As the fleet makes its way across the race start line, just off of the coast of Klaipeda, the fleet will enjoy good sailing conditions. Favourable South Easterly winds will prevail over the first 24 hrs of the race. As the fleet enter the second day though, conditions will become more challenging as the South Easterly winds change to a Westerly direction and work against the fleet’s direction of sailing.

For the new crew members and trainees, this will provide the perfect environment to experience Tall Ships sailing and racing at its finest. It will allow them to learn the ropes on board as the race begins, and then put their newly learned skills to the test.

Race Chairman, Knut Western, wished the fleet well in their voyage to Szczecin.

“We have had some fantastic days here in Klaipeda, tens of thousands of people have visited the ships and have been able to see how they are preparing for the next race.

“The start of Race 3 will be just outside Klaipeda and it will begin after the Tall Ships Parade – which is a way of saying thank you to a generous Host Port.

“On their way to Szczecin, they will meet some challenging wind conditions and I wish them all a fair and good race.”

Race Chairman, Knut Western, Sail Training International


Check out our YB Satellite Tracking page to follow the fleet (including instructions and more information). You can also download the YB app for your phone and tablet from the App Store and Google Play Store, which gives you everything from the web version on the go.


Szczecin is one of the largest cities in the north of Poland. It’s known as Poland’s “green city of ecology” and it’s famous for its yachting. It also brings the brave vision of the Floating Garden to life. It’s surrounded by water and is situated on the banks of the Szczecin Lagoon, which is the country’s largest reservoir. The western Oder flows into the lagoon, carrying the greater part of the waters from the Oder Basin, which covers nearly one third of the area of Poland.

Follow the event on the Sail Training International Facebook page where we will be posting photos and videos throughout the event.

Photos: The Tall Ships fleet in Klaipeda during the Tall Ships Races 2017.