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The world famous Tall Ships Races and Regattas offers content for every type of media outlet. From historical ships and sporting race coverage, to international human interest features and colourful action spectacles.

  • unique and spectacular video and photo opportunities
  • opportunities to sail on a Tall Ship
  • unusual interview and story opportunities
  • a chance to follow race progress online via on board satellite tracking system ‘Yellow Brick’


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STI Official Photographer: Valery Vasilevsky

Sail Training International Official Photographer: Valery Vasilevsky

Valery Vasilevsky is a professional journalist, photographer and traveller. He began work as a photo journalist in the Karelian regional newspaper ‘Avangard’ in 1980 and became a Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia (USSR) in 1989. In 1986 he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Leningrad University and worked in Murmansk as the chief editor of various regional newspapers. From 2006 he specialised in marine photography and travelled to the Arctic, visiting the North Pole six times. He has held exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Finland and is author of the book ’Sedov’ (published by Paulsen, 2011), as well as several photobooks about sailing regattas. In 2012-2013 he made a 14-month round-the-world voyage on Sedov. He was worked on over 15 sailing ships, including Europa in 2014, when he sailed to Antarctica. In his capacity as Sail Training Internationals official photographer, he is responsible for all photography on the Tall Ships Races and Regattas. He lives with his family in Moscow.

Other recommended photographers/videographers:

Max Mudie

Richard Sibley

James Pilgrim

Online photo library

The Sail Training International online photo library has images from past events – from port images and ships at sea, to photos of the young trainees who sailed on them.

You need to register to browse the collection of hundreds of great images, all available for free download in high resolution. Copyright Sail Training International, unless otherwise indicated.

Go to ‘media registration’ on the left hand side, agree to the terms and conditions, fill in the online form and click ‘register’ You can then browse the library and select and download images.

Please note, it can take up to 24hrs to authorise a new registration.

Other photos and videos

If you are looking for a particular image email: – we have thousands more to choose from.

The media centres in each port can also provide photo and video materials in different formats.

A comprehensive image archive of past Tall Ships Races and Regattas can be seen in our photo archives.


Our latest blogs on Sail on Board here.

Our news archive, covering all Sail Training International news from 2010 – October 2016, can also be found here.



Each host port organises a limited number of press boats to take photographers and film crews out to sea during the port festival event, the Parade of Sail and the spectacular official Race Starts. If you are interested in booking a place on a press boat you will need to register your interest either through the host ports media accreditation system or at the media centre during the event.

Race Starts

Photographers interested in covering the official race starts independently are welcome to make their own independent arrangements. For Race Start co-ordinates email

Media berths

Some Tall Ships in the fleet will offer a limited number of discounted berth spaces to accommodate media on board during the races and cruise in company.

Media berths give journalists a fantastic and unrivalled opportunity to experience a Tall Ships Race first hand, learn about daily life on board, and get closer to the trainee human interest stories and feedback reports as the race excitement unfolds.

To discuss a berth place email

Each host port will establish a media centre for the duration of their event and will manage a media accreditation system. The media centre is the place to obtain more information about the ships, event, sail training in general and to arrange to speak to the Race Chairman, Race Director, captains and trainees.

Due to the large numbers of interested media it is highly recommended to apply for accreditation ahead of the event to obtain early information about the activities.

Current media accreditation information for 2024 ports are:

The Tall Ships Races 2024


Media Registration


Media registration information coming soon.


Media registration information coming soon.


Media registration


Media registration information coming soon.


Media registration information coming soon.

The opportunities are endless, here are a few of our most popular story ideas:

  • Follow the progress of trainees from a range of nationalities and backgrounds, to see how the experience of sail training has changed their lives
  • Photo and filming opportunities at sea on board a press boat, during the Parade of Sail in each port and for official race starts.
  • Follow race leg progress online via the Yellow Brick satellite tracking system and follow daily reports of the race and news from the crews
  • Watch Tall Ship crews assemble in fancy dress and march in a colourful, noisy and highly energetic Crew Parade
  • Photo opportunity with trainee representatives of up to 30 or more different nationalities with their country flags
  • Interviews and photo opportunities with bursary winners, port trainees and prize winners in each port
  • Private vessel press or Instagram tour for a behind the scenes tour of the ship galleys and living quarters to hear about the vessels history and interview Captains and crew
  • Interview the Sail Training International Race Director and Chairman

Send us your Sail Training story to feature – it could be a written story or a video.  And a good picture also speaks a 1000 words!

Simply send your name, email and telephone number along with your story or attach  photo or video to If your video file is too large you can send it via We Transfer.




Follow The Tall Races 2024

Use YB satellite tracking to foloow all the action during The Tall Ships Races 2024...

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