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Logbook Order Form and Process

The Sail Training International Trainee Logbook is designed for those receiving training on vessels certificated under the provisions of the SPS Code and on vessels certificated for the purpose of conducting sail training by their flag state.

The Logbook will be issued to a vessel by the National Sail Training Organisation of which the vessel operator is a member. Purchase of the Logbook will be via the issuing National Sail Training Organisation. (Other arrangements may be made in respect of ships from countries that do not yet have a national organisation.)

The purchase price for a vessel operator is €2.5 per copy (for orders up to 500 copies) and €2.0 per copy (for orders of more than 500 copies), exclusive of any local taxes. All purchases must include an undertaking by the vessel operator that the Logbook will not be sold to trainee crew members for more than €5.0 per copy.

Orders for the Logbook will be available for immediate delivery from the middle of June.
The Ship’s Stamp (ship’s name and port of registry) will be provided by Sail Training International (via the relevant National Sail Training Organisation) at no cost to the ship operator within 14 days of an order for Logbooks.

Completed Order Forms must be submitted to Sail Training International via the vessel’s National Sail Training Organisation. Sail Training International will offer extended payment terms of 90 days to ease the burden on vessel operators. Delivery of the Logbook will be via their National Organisation (or some other method agreed with the National Organisation).

The order form should be completed and emailed to the National Sail Training Organisation of which the vessel operator is a member, with a copy to

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