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Fredrikstad, Norway

Fredrikstad is proud to host the Tall Ships Races for the third time in 2019 – following highly successful events in 2005 and 2014. As Norway’s sixth-largest city, it has a long and proud tradition of shipping and maritime activities, which dates back to the 13th century.

Fredrikstad is Norway’s 6th largest city and has a long history of championing a broad cultural environment with music, art, theatre and sports permeating all aspects of life. In 2017, the city celebrated its 450th birthday with year long celebrations and festivities that showcased the city’s wide ranging cultural make up.

During 2019’s race series, the fleet will experience the exhilarating challenge of sailing through the magnificent archipelago in the Outer Oslo Fjord. It protects the city from the open sea, and gives Fredrikstad the title of Norway’s “gateway to Europe” and is home to Outer Hvaler National Park, the first subsea national park in Norway.

Away from the shoreline, Fredrikstad is home to one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved fortress towns. It was once an important trading centre between Europe and Scandinavia, and it provides visitors with strong historical architectural surroundings to enjoy.

Always a great friend of the Tall Ships, the port and city Fredrikstad are sure to provide a warm welcome to all participants and visitors alike, helping to create memories that will last a lifetime over four fantastic days of celebrations.

“Fredrikstad has a long and proud history of shipping and maritime activities – it is in our blood to take care of visitors who come by sea. We are highly dedicated to sailing and sail training locally, in Norway and abroad.

“I can assure captains and their crews, especially the young trainees, that the entire community of Fredrikstad will make every effort to make 2019’s visit better than ever.”

Jon-Ivar Nygård, Mayor of Fredrikstad

Get a taste for what you can expect from Fredrikstad in 2019 with these highlights of the fleet arriving in 2014: