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Logbook Guidance Notes

The Sail Training International Trainee Logbook is designed for those receiving training on vessels certificated under the provisions of the SPS Code and on vessels certificated for the purpose of conducting sail training by their flag state.

The following guidance notes explain the role of the ship operator in the use of the Trainee Logbook.

This first edition of the Trainee Logbook (2009) is published in English only. It is made available, through the relevant National Sail Training Organisation, for sale to its trainee crew members (click here for Purchase Process and Order Form). Alternative arrangements may be made in respect of vessels that are registered in countries that do not have a National Sail Training Organisation.
A list of ships recognised as providing training under the scheme will be published on the Sail Training International website ( as and when Sail Training International is advised by the relevant National Sail Training Organisation that the appropriate certificates have been granted.

The Logbook is divided into four ‘training sections’ (beginning on page 8). These are consistent with the four sections of STCW95 (with which most Port State Control personnel will be familiar), but is not presented as a training programme for STCW95 (unless otherwise approved by the vessel’s Flag State).

The Logbook covers Trainee Identification (page 1); Introduction and Definitions (page 2), Programme Administration (page 3), the trainee’s voyage details (pages 4 – 7), and the record of training completed (pages 8 – 15). There are then three blank pages for Trainee Notes, with some Explanatory Notes (pages 19 – 20).

Each vessel using the Logbook will be issued with a Ship’s Stamp by Sail Training International, in consultation with the relevant National Sail Training Organisation (at no cost to the ship operator). The stamp will give the ship’s name and port of registry, and the year (ie 2009). It must be applied to the space indicated in the Logbook relating to the specific voyage (see example on page 4). This should then be initialled by the ship’s officer who verifies completion of the training elements detailed in the Logbook (as illustrated in the attached example of the Logbook). A new Ship’s Stamp will be issued prior to be beginning of each year.

Each ship will also be issued with a one-page poster (for retention or display on board) detailing the training curriculum set out in Sections 1 – 4. The ship operator may choose to translate this into their local or other languages.


Terry Davies Jonathan Cheshire
Trustee Sail Training International Chairman: Sail Training International
Chairman: Curriculum Working Group

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