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Turku, Finland

Turku has hosted the Tall Ships Races and Regattas four times (1996, 2003, 2009, and 2011). We can’t wait to visit for the fifth time, as part of the Tall Ships Races 2017.

Turku is one of the oldest cities in the Nordic region, and it was Finland’s capital until it was overtaken by Helsinki. The Archbishop of Finland moved to Turku in 1229 and it became the wealthy crux of religion for the country – this left a lasting impression.

Today, Turku is home to Finland’s second-largest university. As a result, it’s a vibrant cultural hub with an abundance of festivals and experimental art.

The port of Turku has served Finland for nearly a whole millennia (860 years), and it’s the centre of Finland’s bustling second city. It’s fed by the Aura River, which is the heart and soul of the city, its birthplace, and an essential element of life (the whole place revolves around the water running through it). The banks of the river are home to vibrant restaurants, cafes and museums.

To the south-west of Turku, there’s a route to the finest archipelago in Europe, with more than 40,000 islands and rocky islets. For a sailor, the archipelago offers unforgettable experiences, including little villages on the islands, peaceful natural surroundings, glaciated rocks carved by the ice age, and guest harbours.


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