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Le Havre, France

Le Havre was the final port of Rendez-Vous 2017 and it closed the prestigious event in dramatic style. Across the event, hundreds of thousands of spectators flocked to see the Tall Ships, with over 100,000 thousand attending the final day of festivities.

During the summer 2017, Le Havre also celebrated its 500th anniversary. This major cultural event saw the city and its harbour infused with artworks in public areas, landscaping, prestigious exhibitions, festive gatherings, gastronomic delights, and more.

It’s the largest city in Normandy, France, and the biggest container port in the country. It was built on the estuary of the River Seine by King François I, who decided to establish a harbour and walled city in 1517.

During the 19th century, the city prospered because of ship builders and traders. And, the famous transatlantic cruise liners between Le Havre and New-York made it one of the most prosperous ports in Europe until the 1930s.

Le Havre was devastated during the Second World War. However, the city was reconstructed by the famous architect Auguste Perret, known as a world leader and specialist in reinforced concrete construction. This noteworthy work has shown Le Havre to be one of the greatest examples of France’s post-war regeneration and optimism.


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