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Cádiz, Spain

Ancient Cádiz is the oldest continuously inhabited city in southern Spain. It last hosted the Tall Ships Races in 2016 and 2020 will mark the fifth time it has welcomed the fleet to its shores.

Located on the south west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Cádiz is one of the oldest cities in south-west Europe, and its historical importance in the region is almost unparalleled. It’s acted as a centre of power and influence, and has been key to Spain’s growth as a nation.

Cádiz has developed an impressive culture and huge personality over the past four millennia. Visitors are enthralled by the city’s electric energy, charismatic charm, and delicious seafood. You’ll be drawn in as soon as you cross the Carranza Bridge into the city and catch your first glimpse of the sparkling sea below.

With its warm climate, beaches, monuments, the historical charm of an old city and generous hospitality of its population, Cadiz is a wonderful place to visit any time of year.


Check out this video about Cádiz from 2016: