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The Tall Ships Races 2017 Race 3, Report 2: Varying Success Against the Wind Conditions

Posted on: 03.08.17

The second full day of racing in Race 3 of the Tall Ships Races 2017 has seen the Tall Ships experiencing varying levels of success on their way to the finish line and final Host Port of Szczecin, Poland…

Here’s what Race Director, Mike Bowles, had to say about the fleets progress at the start of the day…

“As at this morning the fleet was well spread out with the faster vessels being within a couple of hours sailing of the finish line. Ships at the back of the fleet however had in some cases over 150 miles to go and the forecast was for strengthening winds from the South West.

“It was therefore decided by the Race Committee that the race would be finished at sea earlier than originally planned in order that all vessels would be able to reach Szczecin by midday local time on Saturday, 5 July.

“The first vessels should arrive in Szczecin sometime on Friday and all ships should be in and berthed by Saturday lunchtime.

“Szczecin is all ready for the ships and it promises to be a memorable visit with many attractions planned and the ships are eagerly awaited.”
Race Director, Mike Bowles, Sail Training International



  1. Royalist (UK)
  2. Tre Kronor af Stockholm (Sweden)
  3. Statstraad Lehmkuhl (Norway)


  1. Ingo (Sweden)
  2. Helena (Finland)
  3. Rupel (Belgium)


  1. Emely (Estonia)
  2. St Iv (Estonia)
  3. Gmina Police (Poland)


  1. Tuulelind (Estonia)
  2. Akela (Russia)
  3. Gigi (UK)

Note: Positions and placings are correct at time of writing. Check out YB Satellite Tracking for the latest information.


Szczecin is one of the largest cities in the north of Poland. It’s known as Poland’s “green city of ecology” and it’s famous for its yachting. It also brings the brave vision of the Floating Garden to life. It’s surrounded by water and is situated on the banks of the Szczecin Lagoon, which is the country’s largest reservoir. The western Oder flows into the lagoon, carrying the greater part of the waters from the Oder Basin, which covers nearly one third of the area of Poland.

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Follow the Fleet

Watch the action as it happens and follow the fleet’s progress using YB Satellite Tracking.

Photo: Vessels crossing the start line of Race 3 of the Tall Ships Races 2017.